China Summer 2015

China 259By now you have discovered that giving out Bibles in China is a signature project for Fresh Church. My wife and I started Simple Ministries last year to organize our passion for giving out God’s Word all over the world. God has allowed me as pastor to lead distributions in central Asia over a dozen times now. I plan to go back many more times, God permitting.

For hundreds of years mission work on the other side of the planet was reserved for a select called few. To learn a foreign language took almost a lifetime and the traveling was a nightmare. However, the world has gone “glocal”. Local churches and her people can go global very quickly. Not only can we hop on a jet and get to Shanghai in 18 hours, but via the phone and Internet you can communicate instantly. Relationships can be formed, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is shared.

Follow me as I lead our church to do incredible missions by simply being fresh. Sometimes the freshest thing you can do it is to make it where people can read and study God’s Word. Let’s continue to make an impact and contribution to the Kingdom of God by going and giving. China 2016 is right around the corner for us!

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