Sweet Home…Part 2

For 3 weeks Friend Church has been collecting, packing, and sending relief supplies to tornado torn Alabama. We have focused on areas that have been overlooked, unknown, or left wanting. Our 2nd delivery was to Hackleburg, a place literally wiped out by the category 5 funnels. Upon arrival, we talked to Tom, our driver, about the conditions and he was crying over the devastation that he found and quickly had to get off the phone because he was getting sick.

I have been greatly encouraged as a pastor by my friends at Friend Church. Folks have stepped up and bought the much needed items to be donated. They have spread the word at their places of work, in their neighborhoods, and among their circle of friends. The stuff just keeps coming. Last Sunday, a new lady to our church caught me as I walked out and said, “God spoke to my heart today, and I want to challenge you. I will give $250 and if 5 more people give $250, then I will make my gift an even $500.” We put it out there and sure enough it was matched. Then someone else gave $250, and today we received several more checks.

You can still help. We are receiving goods today (Friday the 13th from 12-5pm). Also, we need plenty of folks to come help pack the truck at 7AM tomorrow (Saturday the 14th). We will have hot coffee at 6:45AM. It will take an hour or less to pack it, then we will pray for the driver and supplies, and then we will thank God for what He has done through our little effort. Thanks again to the friends of Friend Church and to the friends of God. 

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