Sweet Home Update…Part 1

Our truck arrived in Dora, Alabama at 9:15pm, Sunday evening. Tom our volunteer truck driver did an excellent job in getting the 8,000 lbs of supplies there in timely fashion. Everything was offloaded and today, Michelle, our point person in the northwest part of the state went out delivering the water and diapers and wipes and flashlights we sent. As she went through Pleasant Grove, a town hit particularly hard, she talked to a rescue worker that had just found a 3 year old boy alive! He was found inside a freezer! The rescue worker asked the boy, “Son, how did you get in that freezer?” The little boy responded, “The man with the wings put me in there.”  Something for you to think about….we will send another truck this weekend. 

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  1. I know the story in which you are refering to. A friend of my mom’s was there when the boy was found. Everything in your story is correct…however, the age of the boy is not correct. The boy was three, not six. Please continue to share this story, as it is amazing how God is there with us through the storm.

  2. i would like to know also if this is a true story. I posted it on facebook but wasnt sure if it truly was or not. Perhaps, you can shed some more light on this God bless you and thank you!

  3. Hey Kitty. I got this story first hand from our relief worker. I haven’t seen a news story yet, but there is someone looking into it. Also, see the comment from “one who knows”. They verified it too. Thanks, G

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