6 Replies to “China June 2010”

  1. Wonderful words, beautiful words of life eternal! To some, THAT is very precious indeed!
    Multiplied blessings to you, Bro Greg!

  2. Brother, I want you to know as I watched this video, this thought came to me; that no one but God alone, knows the harvest that will be produced by each one of those Bibles. The salvation s, healings, promises, wisdom, the growth of the 5 fold ministries Jesus gave the church, the blessings, peace, and most of all what a ‘Friend’ they have in Jesus and Friend Church. Your a ‘fireball’ waiting to be ignited can’t wait to see when it happens…

    love ya FOG

  3. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. God’s word…what a precious, life-giving, life-sustaining gift.

  4. Greg, this is priceless. I’m sitting here with tears. Thanks for going and for posting this–simply incredible!

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