china update from zhengzhou

Friends and FC, it has been a cool weekend. You can’t begin to imagine the scenery. It’s like we were put in the middle of a National Geographic Magazine! The people were hungry for Bibles and they greeted us with like we were the Beatles. Our host pastor is a man of unbelievable vision…and I mean unbelievable! How we need young men like this in Columbia. If you have an opportunity to come next year to see a different world view and how God is at work and experience this and then miss it….then I guess you just miss it. I don’t have anymore words to describe it. Kevin said this, “Who knew there were this many people on the other side of the earth?” It’s mind-boggling. We travel to Beijing tomorrow for a debriefing dinner, then the Great Wall and then hopefully home. I am thinking I want a Rush’s Cheeseburger basket….

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