China Update from Nanjing

“Friends, I promise you I just woke up on Monday to fly here and for some strange reason the calendar says it’s almost

Saturday! We have traveled a lot …Shanghai, then 4 hours on a bus to Nanjing ( a city about the size of Los Angeles) and stayed there 2 nights touring the Printing Press and the Seminary. Today we loaded a van for our “short trip” to Zhoukou. Short trip in Chinese means 7 hours! We scarfed down KFC and now we are just too worn out…as a matter of fact my eyes may not make it through this email.  We get up at 6am and are passing out 8000  of Word tomorrow!! I am supposed to speak in front of 3,000 people in the morning. Please continue to pray for us…here are some pictures….Kevin is making a video that maybe you will see on Sunday morning! “

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